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19th Century Baseball Teams: Hartford Dark Blues 1876–1877

Hartford Dark Blues was located in Hartford – Connecticut.  The team was a member of NAPBBP  in 1874 – 1875 as well as member of NL in 1876-1877. In 1877, it played in Brooklyn, NY as the Brooklyn Hartford. Managed by Ferguson, this team finished 3rd with a record of 31-27. Bond, Hingham and Cummings left the team leaving John Cassidy as the right fielder batting 378 aside from leading the team in other categories.

This was the 19th century baseball team. It was based in Hartford in Connecticut and also a charter member.  The owner of the team was Morgan G. Bulkeley who also was the first president of National League.  Hartford Dark Blues strong suit pitching  with both Tommy Bond and Candy Cummings who later became a Hall of Famer finishing with Earned run average of under two.  The pitching staff recorded the most completed games and allowed the least number of home runs throughout that 70 game 1876 campaign.  This same feat was accomplished by the Philadelphia Athletics in that season.The best hitter in the team then was right fielder Dick Hingham who consistently led the team in many offensive categories.

In the 1877 season, the team left Hartford for Brooklyn in New York and became the Brooklyn Hartford. It was still being managed by Fergusson and they finished 3rd once again this time with a record 31-27.  Bond, Hingham and Cummings had by then left the team. The best player of the team that year was the right fielder John Cassidy who had batted 378 and led the team in most of the categories.

Hartford Dark Blues was one of the highly rated teams that was consistent and made a strong history for themselves even though it was a short one.  Even though the club became defunct it was a great team.



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