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Vintage Sports Autographs and Sports Memorabilia – Baseball, Football, Golf and more.

Imperial Sports is always looking to help out clients who need to sell their vintage material, whether it be one item or an entire collection. Whether you just inherited one item or a full collection or an avid collector for many years, we know how difficult it can be to part with a cherished piece of sports memorabilia. Let Imperial Sports guide you in this decision. We offer complimentary evaluations for our clients who are interested in selling their vintage sports memorabilia items.

As a company, we have years of experience in the vintage sports memorabilia field, both as buyers and sellers and offer a fair price on everything we buy. We promise to pay you quickly for your items and to make your experience with us a fast, pleasant and painless one. We are also willing to discuss special consignment opportunities on certain items as well, so feel free to inquire about that option. Please read the entire page to see what we are looking to purchase and take on consignment, including what we are not looking for (at bottom of this page). Thanks for visiting our website.

Please fill out the HAVE AN ITEM TO SELL OR CONSIGN form to the right with your information if you feel that you own an item or collection that we will be interested in. We look forward to working with you!

Vintage Baseball Autographs

Vintage Baseball Autographs

We believe that a great baseball player’s signature is a lot more than just a few pen strokes. Vintage baseball autographs represent a visual link to the greats of the past and a lasting way to remember them in the future. We actively pursue vintage baseball autographs from the 19th century to the mid twentieth century. We have a special interest in buying items signed by these players but are always interested in discussing many other player’s signed items as well:

  • Christy Mathewson
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Honus Wagner
  • Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown
  • Roger Maris
  • Mel Ott

  • Roberto Clemente
  • Thurman Munson
  • Satchel Paige
  • Dizzy Dean
  • Mickey Mantle

Just as an example, we buy signed baseballs, team signed baseballs, signed cuts, autographed photos, signed bats, and more. Contact us to discuss what you have to offer.

Vintage Sports Cards

Vintage Sports Cards

Collecting sports cards is a hobby that is nearly as old as the sports themselves! Our particular area of interest is in cards that date from the 19th century through the 1960s.

Vintage sports cards we are interested in purchasing may include graded or ungraded. Our buy list is extensive – here are a few examples:

  • Topps
  • Bakery cards
  • T206

  • Bowman
  • SF Hess
  • Goudey

  • Silks
  • Food cards

We are always happy to discuss buying complete baseball card sets and individual cards and offer fair and competitive prices for them. Please contact us to discuss your cards and their respective values.

Vintage Baseball Memorabilia

Vintage Baseball Memorabilia

The term vintage baseball memorabilia covers many different kinds of pieces. These relics truly represent more than just collector’s items as they tie in a physical history of the game.

Game used bats and game used jerseys are always popular but our buying interests extend much further than that and include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Vintage photographs, including cabinet card photographs
  • Tickets and programs from World Series and other historically significant games

  • Pins
  • Vintage baseball advertising
  • Cereal premiums and much more.

What We Do Not Buy

As much as we admire current and recent players as sports fans, we only buy vintage items dating from circa 1970 and before.