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Imperial Sports Auctions is one of the best sports memorabilia auction houses you will find. A large part of our success is due to highly skilled customer service toward all our clients; bidders and consignors alike. With over 15 years of experience within this great hobby, you can trust that your item will be in the best of care. We specialize in many deceased baseball Hall of Fame autographs of various players on several different mediums; i.e. single and multi-signed baseballs, photos, index cards, etc. Additionally, we are seeking vintage pre-WW2 baseball cards, photographs, and other related memorabilia for purchase or for consignment in our auctions.
All items are fully insured once in our possession through Collectibes Insurance Agency. Your collection is safe with Imperial Sports Auctions. Hesitant to send an item in the mail? Please allow us to kindly direct you in how to ship your valued piece to us for evaluation.
With Imperial Sports Auctions you will not have to wonder if there is a “house” account or hidden reserves bidding against you. We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency which are evident in our auctions. While we may not be the largest auction house firm, you may be challenged to find another sports memorabilia auction house with a clearer conscience.
Please make sure you visit our Aquisitions page to view previous items that we have handled over the years. The pride of auctinon history is shown at right – the Ty Cobb autographed T206, signed letter and respective mailing confirmation. Our prior sales range from a scarce player contract signed by Christy Mathewson to extremely rare tobacco, caramel, and gum baseball cards including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and many more.

Ty Cobb Signed T206 Tobacco card

Ty Cobb Signed T206 Tobacco card, letter related to said card, and postal receipt signed by Cobb. Price Realized at auction – $24,000

Finest Known 1934 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball

Finest Known 1934 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball

Thinking of selling your special piece? If you believe that you have something we may be interested in, we would love to hear from you!