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Collecting the 500 Home Run Club

500 Home Club Members | Autographs & Memorabilia There are some feats in baseball that are worth remembering and one such feat are the members of the 500 Home Run Club, all 25 of them. Out of those 25 members, 15 have been elected to the Hall of Fame and just two of them are

Single-Signed versus Multi-Signed Baseballs

One question that we get a lot here at Imperial Sports is why single-signed baseballs are considered rarer and more valuable than multi signed baseballs. Before we get to that question, let’s first take a look at what we mean when we say single signed and multi signed baseballs. A single signed baseball is an

What’s a Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Really Worth?

  What’s a Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Really Worth?   So, how much is that Babe Ruth signed baseball worth? The value, you ask? It all depends, really. If you have a Babe Ruth autographed baseball, consider yourself pretty fortunate. However, don’t assume that you just won the lottery either. Values of Ruth signed baseballs can

So Your Want to Start Collecting Vintage Sports Memorabilia

So you want to start collecting vintage sports memorabilia That’s actually a very good decision, as long as you go into it with an idea of what you want to focus on and you have an idea of your budget. Collecting vintage memorabilia can be a bit tricky and very expensive if you’re not careful

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