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Are Vintage Baseball Autographs a Good Investment?

Vintage Baseball Autographs | A Good Investment? So, you want to know if vintage baseball autographs are a good investment? Well, it really depends on a number of things. There’s the obvious quality and authenticity of the signatures but who the autograph is from can impact the overall value and desirability to collectors as well.

I have some old baseball cards, you interested?

I have some old baseball cards, you interested? If you were a child in the late 1980’s then you were probably an avid baseball card collector such as myself. You grew up hearing stories about how baseball cards were a solid investment, outperforming even the stock market in some cases, because collectors before you were

The Value of Thurman Munson Signed Memorabilia

The Value of Thurman Munson Memorabilia, Autographs & Signed Baseballs Often times the value of memorabilia has more to do with the rarity of the items then the actual player itself, while the quality of the player’s career is taken into consideration there is more value associated with things that are hard to find or

The Ty Cobb T206 Card with the Ty Cobb Back

  The Ty Cobb T206 Card with the Ty Cobb Back Image In our last post I talked about the Eddie Plank T206 tobacco card and what makes it so valuable and why it’s such a rare card for any collector to own. Today I’m going to talk about the Ty Cobb T206 card with

Is Your Eddie Plank T206 Tobacco Card Real?

What’s So Special about the Eddie Plank T206 Card? Hint: Take a look at the back of your card, it might just say reprint on it! Also, if the card looks brand new, it’s probably not authentic. As if it’s not enough that some of the more valuable T206 tobacco cards are pretty hard to

Why Are T206 Baseball Tobacco Cards So Popular?

T206 Baseball Cards | The Most Collected Vintage Baseball Card Set When I speak to the many different collectors I encounter, when going out and trying to add to my own personal baseball card and memorabilia collection, the one topic that seems to come up fairly often is the T206 tobacco cards. For the inexperienced

Collecting the 500 Home Run Club

500 Home Club Members | Autographs & Memorabilia There are some feats in baseball that are worth remembering and one such feat are the members of the 500 Home Run Club, all 25 of them. Out of those 25 members, 15 have been elected to the Hall of Fame and just two of them are

Single-Signed versus Multi-Signed Baseballs

One question that we get a lot here at Imperial Sports is why single-signed baseballs are considered rarer and more valuable than multi signed baseballs. Before we get to that question, let’s first take a look at what we mean when we say single signed and multi signed baseballs. A single signed baseball is an

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